NEWSLETTER and AGM  Friday 1st November  2013 at 7 pm


1  FUTURE NEWSLETTERS  :  It costs over £150 to send out a Newsletter to 290 members, nearly all in the post.  Since the Group started  we have always sent each member a Newsletter. However we must review this, as many members have not contacted us at any time.

If you do not want to receive Newsletters , please let us know.


Email addresses: It will save us a lot if we can send more Newsletters via email.

Please send email addresses to [email protected] .


2    Engineering report by David Clark

The proposed restoration of 5532`s boiler was raised in the 2012 AGM. It was pointed out that some of the work could be undertaken by volunteers as a way of reducing costs. This work began in January 2013 when the smoke box tube and the chimney were removed , together with many rivets. Shortly afterwards the boiler on its flat bed wagon was taken into the engineering workshop and work continued by the PLC staff and volunteers. By far the worst job for the volunteers was removing scale from inside the boiler.















Boiler in December 2012 on flat truck before going into work shop

By June 2013 the boiler was ready for testing and inspection by Frazer Nash and as a result of their report work on the boiler can now proceed.

We then ordered a Door Plate from South Devon Railway. This is the part of the boiler which includes the fire hole door and is the only part of the boiler visible from the cab ( see the old one on the right hand end of 5532 boiler above and the new one below)

This cost over £20,000 and was delivered in September 2013.
















We also ordered a  new Smoke Box Tube Plate to hold  all the  tubes within the boiler..

This needs 196 small holes of 1 5/8 inch diameter and 6 of 5 1/8 inch (for Superheater tubes).

Drilling the holes will cost £15 per small hole and £25 per large hole. = £3190


SPONSORSHIP of Holes for Tube Plate

             Can you  SPONSOR  a hole ..or two ( or more?).

If you can assist please send a cheque payable to Llangollen Railway GW Loco Group to  DAVID CLARK Treasurer at 10 Cleveland Grove Wakefield  West Yorkshire WF2 8LD

          As a small thank you we will issue a small certificate for each hole sponsored.



We will welcome more Share Purchases or donations to the Group. Shares in 5532 are in £25 Blocks. Please make cheques payable to Llangollen Railway Great Western Locomotive Group.

Contact Charles Cooksley 21 Allanson Road Colwyn Bay    email: [email protected]


Volunteers are continuing to work on other parts of the loco: these are not always visible as many parts are locked away for safe storage. Further parts have been ordered and delivered from specialist suppliers and these are also locked away.

SEE 5532 in the SHED  David Clark will be in the shed on Friday 1st November from 1 pm to 5 pm and again from 6.00 pm until just before the AGM begins at 7.00 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM. If you can be a Tube plate Hole Sponsor we would be most grateful. This will allow us to make more progress with the restoration. Thank you.



The Group Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 1st November 2013 commencing at 7.00 pm in the Robertson Suite Llangollen Station.


1 Apologies for absence

2 Minutes of  the AGM held on Friday 19th October 2012  ( see below)

3 Matters arising

3 Chairman’s report

4 Engineering report ( David Clark will provide an update on his report shown on page 1)

5 Treasurer’s report ( 2012 Accounts attached)

6 Secretary’s report

7 Election of Committee

8 Any Other business


Minutes of the 2012 AGM

1 Members present: M Fazey, D Clark, C Cooksley, L Richardson, B Wheeler, G Jones, L Richardson, H Hewitt, J Sugg, D Owen, D Evans,N Lidbury, Mrs J Lidbury


2 Apologies received from P Rogers, R Swetman, P Fisher, D W Jones, D Jones .


3 Matters arising None


4 Chairman’s Report. Mike Fazey welcomed members to the meeting. He thanked members for their support and the team of volunteers on the loco and in the shop. Good progress has been made on restoration of 5532.


5 Engineering Report David Clark reported that £27,503 had been spent on parts and machining the  rods in the past year. Dave Owen mentioned work in progress on the big and small end bushes, front and back steam chests and gland assembly and work on crank pins. The next task would be to clean up the boiler ( maybe in late November 2012), move it into the shed and then get the boiler inspected and tested.


6  Treasurer’s report David Clark presented the Accounts and Accountants report which was approved by the AGM. Rob Swetman had been co opted to the committee as he had detailed knowledge of the separate components of 2859 and lived in Llangollen. All these were items that had been bought after the original purchase of 2859 from Barry. Rob arranged the sale of some of the separate components and this has helped a lot with the financing of 5532`s restoration. £16667 has so far been raised in component sales. These  items plus sales income and share purchases ( some by standing order)  has resulted in a bank balance of £52,000, despite £27,000 being spent on components in the year. For 20 years George Snape has been our auditor. This work has now been undertaken by his son Mike Snape, who is a member of a specialist audit company.


7 Secretary’s report Charles Cooksley thanked members and volunteers for their support in the past year. He expressed regret that Roger Platt a Group and Llangollen Railway  member had died in the past year.


8 Election of  committee The following were elected: Mike Fazey ( Chairman) , Charles Cooksley ( Secretary), David Clark ( Treasurer) and  Committee Members Bryan Wheeler,  Les Richardson and Peter Robson.


9 Any Other Business

Links to Llangollen PLC office. We have registered three members as representatives of the group in order to formalise and clarify contacts.


Newsletters .   We will again ask members to inform us if they wish to continue receiving Newsletters and if they would prefer to receive them by email. Peter Robson will produce address labels and Charles Cooksley will list for him such email addresses as we have. We will continue to encourage members to give us their email addresses.








Image2 Image1 Image3


Application form to become a shareholder and help 5532 steam again.


You can become part owner of GWR Small Prairie 5532 for as little as £25 per share.


Shares can be purchased in full or by standing order (minimum standing order £5 per month) A certificate will be given for each or block of shares purchased.


5532 was built in the GWR Swindon Works in 1928 and first shedded at Stourbridge Junction. 5532 was withdrawn in 1962 and sent to Woodhams scrap yard. On 22nd October 1942 the loco hauled a royal train from Hereford to Ross and Monmouth with King George VI aboard the train


As a shareholder you will receive a newsletter to keep you in touch with what is happening. You can help with the restoration of the loco or in the Group shop at Carrog or in any other way.































Image4 Image5 Image6

Picture top left  5532 awaiting fitting of wheels

Picture above  As in working order in BR days

picture top right Wheels fitted