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gildy10 2012.7.28 15:11

The Wrexham Leader has a reader's letter extolling her family's day out on the Railway when her mother was "treated like Royalty".

Mum’s Railway trip was a day to savour.

It was my mum’s 87th birthday and my husband and I decided to take her on a trip on the Llangollen and Carrog railway.

I would just like to tell you what a fantastic time the staff at the railway gave her, what a little gem we have in Wales. We decided to take the 2pm train from Carrog and arrived early to have a drink in the tea rooms. When I first made enquiries about the times of trains I spoke to Keith, the manager at Llangollen. I explained it was mum’s birthday and he was very helpful and reserved a compartment for her.

When we arrived at Carrog we were greeted by Roy who ran the ticket office. What a character! You would have thought my mum was royalty. Roy was so helpful. He made sure she saw the steam train arrive and escorted her to the carriage, where in the window was a reserved sign with mum’s name and a “Happy Birthday” message. She was thrilled. We boarded the train and it was as if we had stepped back in time. The train blew its whistle as the train followed the route of the river. After half an hour of sheer pleasure and my mum reminiscing, we arrived at Llangollen station.

When we stepped off the train we were met by Kevin, the station master. He presented mum with a brochure about the railway and made her feel very special. After enjoying some Ice cream in Llangollen we got back on the train for the trip back to Carrog. My mother was having the time of her life. I would like to thank the staff at Carrog and Llangollen, all of the volunteers that make the railway such a magical experience. I would recommend everyone to take the trip. The enthusiasts are doing a marvellous job and gave us a day we will never forget. I cannot thank them enough.

Jaqueline Peat






Richard Elmer Lloyd 2012.1.15 01:02

Just had to write on this site because of the many happy memories I have of the railway in Carrog. I was born in 1951 at Awelfryn, 1 Maes-y-waen to Emyr and Beryl Lloyd and I lived in Carrog for my first 9 years before we moved to the Wirral. I went to Carrog School when Mr Edwards was the headmaster and the railway was the great source of adventure. I remember going up to the hill behind our house and watched the steam train chugging down the Dee Valley - I used to visit my aunt in Cynwyd and we took the train, my uncle in Bala and we toog the train, my great aunt in Wrexham - we took the train. We even went to Barmouth for days out - Oh the memories - Curse Mr Beeching he was such a stupid git


JOHN HUNTER 2011.12.23 14:42

Hi Martin - Just to say happy Christmas to all at Carrog.  Gerry Wood (from Bath) and myself (from North Somerset) enjoyed our week with the railway in late August working for a day on station woodwork and for the remainder of the week with Vic on fencing.  Thank you for looking after us so well.  We hope to come up again in 2012.

Best wishes



Geoff Williams 2011.10.8 15:27

Hi there Martin, Love the Station, brings back fond memories of my youth, steam engines and model railways.  Great pictures of Carrog, sorry Lapland, in the snow. If we get together I can produce "Christmas Cards" for you as I am currently doing so for Corwen together with Two A4 13page Full Colour Calendars of Corwen featuring Owain Glyndwr. The printing of these will commence towards the end of next week.

Many of the community in Corwen are greatly excited at the prospect of the 2.5mile rail extension from Carrog into Corwen next year. It has to be said however, that there are others who still do not believe it will happen!.

We of TLC (that is Tourism,Leisure,Corwen)are keen to embrace the railway development and are working closely with Mr. George Jones, Press Officer and Chairman of Llangollen Railways, Mr.Jim Ritchie who is working tirelessly to achieve set objectives.

Congratulations on the Website, we will no doubt speak soon.

Best regards,


Malcolm Williams 2011.9.19 22:11

Great restoration work and the station looks great. 50 years since I was in Carrog but would love to model the station building but there appears to be no photographs of the roadside side of the building. If anybody is able to post to website it would be appreciated. Keep up the good work.


steve 2011.9.4 13:18

Wow! I was at Carrog yesterday for the first time, and am very impressed at the work you guys have done there.


Huw Parker 2010.11.22 15:51

Great to keep up to date with FOC "goings-on"  - even from out here in Afghanistan!!

Hope to be back on or alongside the platform for the Santas!

Cheers to all,